Me attempting to be insightful or deep

I don’t know why but the general idea of depression, sadness, the blues, or just being on the wrong side of happiness has been on my mind as of late. (and by late i mean the past hour.) Depression is some thing that has been around for as long as human thought. It’s a constant. Today could be worse than the last and it could be better than the next. People go through ups and downs. There have been differences over time though. There have been some differences in the way it is viewed over the years. In the past it has been titled as someone going through a “a time of difficulty” or simply sadness. But i think that over the years it has changed. Now i see it viewed as a sickness in the mind rather then a chapter in someones story. Don’t mistake me for saying that people aren’t naturally more susceptible to depression hereditarily. The brain is complicated. But not everyone has an issue with this. I think that because cultural icons have been dark figures such as Curt Cobain, depression has an appeal to many. It has become cool and mysterious. Therefore, society has romanticized depression. Therefore the youths of our generation have become addicted to the feeling sometimes without even knowing it. I’ve been there. i have fallen into this pit of self loathing and endless anger all wile looking “artistic”. For many years i was addicted to anger. Then that anger turned into sorrow. And for a wile i found safety in in sadness only because of the fact that i was uncomfortable with my situation. But then when real shit goes down that depression can easily turn towards suicidal tendencies because you aren’t mentally healthy to begin with. Depression isn’t something that should define someone. Even Curt Cobain wasn’t the depressed person that he is viewed as by the media. He most likely died because of drugs. Not necessarily depression. But for those that do have clinical depression we need to find an answer for this problem other then pumping them with drugs that can cripple them in the long run. Unfortunately i don’t have that answer. But what i do know is that life is beautiful, exciting, and can generally be a lot of fun. We need to quit romanticizing depression for attention or image. In my experiences a lust for life is better way of living anyways. 

So thats my 2 cents on that. I don’t know why anyone should care about it. But it’s there.